• What exactly is a Healthy Living Lounge Membership? 

The Healthy Living Lounge Membership is a monthly online subscription that makes it easy and fun to stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Every month you get tons of inspiring and practical content plus weekly encouragement emails from me. You can connect with a supportive community in a private Facebook group and join me for live coaching calls twice a month. Plus you get exclusive discounts on private coaching with me.

  • What changes can I expect to experience from being a member?

Exact results will differ for each member as you all start from different places and have different health and wellness goals. You will be given the tools and information that if implemented might allow you to lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, feel happier, experience less stress, enjoy more freedom and fun, stay more focussed on your goals and have more confidence.

  • How do I know if the Healthy Living Lounge is for me?

If you struggle to stay on track when you embark on a healthy lifestyle and always feel like you’re starting over instead of feeling healthier and happier, the Healthy Living Lounge Membership will give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on the wagon. If you don’t have a support system, my monthly guidance and the caring community will help you stay on track. This Membership is for anyone who wants to stay consistent with their healthy lifestyle practices and live a happy and fulfilling life — whether you are a health and wellness junkie or are brand-new to starting on this journey. Want to email me to check if you would be a good fit? Contact me here.

  • How is the Membership delivered?

Everything is in the Membership portal! You just log in and can access all the class presentations, call recordings, worksheets and handouts, and more — for the current month AND all previous months. You can access the Membership portal from all your devices: computer, tablet, smartphone. You can also download the presentations and calls and save them onto your device to listen to when it is convenient. And to make it SUPER easy to remember to check into the portal and to assist you to stay consistent, I send an email at the start of each week to remind, encourage and support you!

  • How will this actually help me? What am I going to get from this membership?

You really get a lot of value every month, at a very affordable price for this kind of coaching. You will get access to me for asking questions, support and guidance from the community 24/7 and heaps of resources and tools to help you make the changes in your life. It is up to you to engage, participate and use the resources made available to you!

  • Will I get any one-on-one time with Simone?

This a group membership, a community, but there are opportunities to get personal attention by showing up to the live group coaching calls every two weeks and being active in the Facebook group. In addition to these chances to interact with Simone, you will also find other members are really helpful, so if you need help, you just have to reach out and you will get it!

  • When will the live group calls happen?

The days and times for these calls are yet to be determined and will depend on the locations of the majority of members so that we can choose timings that work for most people. The two calls will be on different days of the week and alternating times so we can try and accommodate for different schedules and time zones as much as possible. All the calls will be recorded so if you can't make it live, you will still be able to listen in later, and you can also email me any questions you would like me to cover in advance if you know you can't make it along live.

  • How much of my time will it require each month?

That’s up to you! This isn’t a course or workshop — there is no curriculum or set schedule. You can listen to the presentations and live calls, implement any challenges or complete relevant worksheets, read the emails and connect in the Facebook group whenever you want, as often as you want. If you’re super busy one week or month, don’t worry! You can’t fall behind! The awesome thing about the Healthy Living Lounge Membership is that it makes it really easy to stay on track and live a healthy life. What you put in is what you get out, and if you commit to doing the work, you’ll find that you get the results you desire.

  • How do I continue my monthly membership?

Your payment will recur automatically every month unless you cancel it via your Paypal invoice (which you should do before your month is up). If you choose not to continue your membership, cancel before the next payment cycle. If you forget to cancel and your payment goes through, you will not receive a refund, so make sure you mark your calendar and know when your monthly payment will recur!

  • What if I want to cancel my membership?

There is no risk in enrolling. If you decide the Healthy Living Lounge Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting me here.  Once you cancel you will lose access to the Membership portal as well as the Facebook group. Due to the nature of this being a digital resource, there are no refunds provided for months already purchased.

  • Is this right for me if I have no idea about healthy living?

Yes! This is perfect for you! The Healthy Living Lounge Membership is for anyone who wants to be healthier no matter what their starting point is. All you need to have is an open mind and a desire to learn! The Membership provides you with the structure, support, inspiration and community as you begin your journey. In fact, it’s an awesome place to start thanks to the community (ask any question in the forum) and the flexible structure. Instead of going in a million directions and feeling overwhelmed, you can lean on my guidance and start your new healthy lifestyle with clarity!

  • I’ve been following a healthy lifestyle for many years, quite successfully. Will the Healthy Living Lounge Membership have anything to offer me?

That depends! What would you hope to get out of the Membership that you don't have in your life now? The Membership will definitely enhance your current practices, provide you with some new ideas and perspectives, and help you stay consistent with your goals. I’ve been on a healthy path since 2012, but life can get so busy that even the most committed person can get knocked off track. That’s why I created the Membership. I will meet you wherever you are and make it effortless and fun to stick with your practices (and try new ones), no matter what’s going on. I also believe that what you put in is what you get out, so if you choose to be a member, participate fully to get what you need from the membership. I am dedicated to helping you, and if you really want to change, have an open mind, and use the tools provided then you will get a lot from your membership.

  • What topics will get covered each month?

I have a whole range of topics I want to cover each month. As a member you will get access to me and all of my knowledge that I have studied and learned over the past 5 years as a health coach.  I will suggest 3 topics for the month ahead and I will ask members to vote on which one they would like me to teach. The first topic will be How to Kick the Sugar Habit, and other topics I want to present in later months include How to Boost Your Immunity Naturally, How to Increase Energy Through Nutrition, How to Improve Your Emotional Balance, Stress Management For Busy People, How to Lose the Last 3kg... There will no-doubt be other topics that arise in our forum which I will then consider teaching about as well- it will be very democratic and based on what members want!

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